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Welcome to the APL Cloud!

APLcloud.com is a great place to run your commercial APL applications.  Our dedicated Windows and Linux servers start at a very low monthly fee and include a full featured Dyalog APL Developers license.  This license has a value of $1000 USD per year. Our partnership with Dyalog APL allows us to include a fully functional license at a fraction of the price.

APLcloud also offers a "shared" APL MiServer hosting platform for only $40 per month.  This is a shared Windows server that has several running instances of DyalogAPL and MiServer web hosting engine.  When you signup for the MiServer shared hosting, you will get your own dedicated instance of APL running on a large robust Windows server.  You will use FTP  to upload your APL scripts, code, and content to the server.  Web Hosting runs on the Windows IIS web server as the front-end.  This allows the use of several standard HTML pages.  PHP and MYSQL are also provided and can be leveraged.  And, any calls to  xxxx.Dyalog  extensions are routed to your own instance of Dyalog APL running MiServer.  This provides the best of all worlds and a great price.

When you are ready, you can upgrade to your own dedicated Windows server.

Join our community, and help us grow APL applications that run in the cloud.

"Find your head in the APL Cloud!"
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